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                                              Armaut's fires

Armaut's fires is a puzzel game made while making a game for Brackeys game jam 2021.2, its not a submission .

Controls - Left click on one fire to to rotate it , Right click  on one fire to to negatively rotate it .


Seven fires trying to find their master Armout.

                           Please note that -                                  

Its now an early access more features are being added.

Armout's Fire Version 0.2 is here!!!

  1. Added Button to close window.
  2. Bug fixing.
  3. Added guidelines to help the player for better understanding.
  4. More levels!!
  5. now its with 20 levels.


Armaut's fires v0.2.zip 21 MB

Install instructions

Download it extract it and play it

Development log


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That was a cool game. You could make tutorial level for better understanding of the game though one we figure it out it was fun to play. Played through 5 levels or so. It was entertaining..