Post admin v0.2 teasers and Final list of things added

Hi, this is the final list of things coming in v0.2 but first of all you should know what it is

Q.1 Oh, you don't know what post admin is?

Ans - Post admin is a little game created as a submission to brackeys game jam 2021.2. It is just a simple clicker game Sign papers place them in correct folders .

Here is the final list of features added :-

  • More papers -

1. Folder papers - these are papers which should be arranged in the right folder by their color ..


2. Trash/note folder - they are the same thing like folder papers.

3. sign papers - sign them

3. Access/denied papers  - they are also like sign papers 

  • Better soundtrack  - it's not the best but better than the current one.
  • Better background - better table??

here is a how it looks now -

what is the release date - Check this devlog out!!

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